COVIDCUBE office partitions are economical and quick to deploy with minimal impact on your workspace. Whether you’re outfitting a classroom that changes often or an office that stays mostly the same, our products are easy to work with. If your partition needs are sporadic based on the latest health policy updates, COVIDCUBE solutions can be disassembled and stored flat for quick re-assembly any time.


When this school needed classroom and office partitions to make their learning and working spaces safer for re-opening, they relied on COVIDCUBE desktop shields in classrooms and administrative spaces. They chose clear acrylic shield materials to minimize the visual impact on the classroom environment, preserving a close sense of togetherness while practicing distancing and staying safer. The clear acrylic panels are attractive and easy to clean.


Retrofitting an open office environment with COVIDCUBES is faster, less expensive, and less disruptive than installing traditional cubicles. COVIDCUBES are easily assembled in and around workspaces in minutes, and can be reconfigured with ease. The durable, lightweight polycarbonate panels allow light to pass through and can be sanitized quickly, unlike traditional fabric-lined cubicle walls. Add freestanding panels and desktop shields to administrative areas and meeting rooms for safer face-to-face meetings.

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