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COVIDCUBE office partitions make your workplace safer sooner.

Improve workplace health and safety with COVIDCUBE office partitions that increase separation and reduce air circulation. COVIDCUBE office partitions are sanitary, durable barriers customized for your workplace.

Improve workplace safety with durable shields and partitions that reduce risk of airborne droplet spread.

Custom COVIDCUBE office partitions are economical, assemble in minutes, and easy to sanitize.

Choose opaque twinwall polycarbonate for privacy or clear acrylic for minimal visual impact in your workspace.

Cubicles & Desk Shields

The original COVIDCUBE increases separation between employees to reduce air sharing and increase safety like physical distancing. The sleek practical design is easy to install on site, easy to clean, and requires minimal changes to your workspace layout.

Protect staff and students with COVIDCUBE Desk Shields. Choose from crystal clear acrylic for minimal visual impact or opaque polycarbonate for more privacy. From desk dividers and hanging partitions to countertop shields and free standing cubicles, we’ll help you design an ideal solution.

We built miles of custom partitions for Fortune 100 clients.

We can build all the custom COVID office partitions you need.

Originally a data center containment manufacturer for the largest technology companies in the world, Polargy is innovating with its data center partition expertise to improve COVID-19 safety in the workplace. The COVIDCUBE product line was thoughtfully developed with economy, sanitation, and durability in mind. 

Separation partitions are being widely adopted to provide protection between employees and a greater sense of safety. According to CDC recommendations, physical barriers are encouraged to maintain physical separation and ensure peace of mind.

Countertop Shields & Freestanding Panels

COVIDCUBE Countertop Shield is a single-sided partition that mounts on any surface to enforce physical and airflow separation. Its simple design requires minimal hardware and can be installed in minutes.

Desktop Dividers

Prepare your classrooms for students and staff with COVIDCUBE airflow partitions. From desk dividers and hanging partitions to countertop shields and free standing enclosures, we’ll help you create your ideal solution quickly.

Our custom Countertop Shield is a single sided partition that mounts on any surface to ensure physical separation. The free-standing design allows for minimal retrofitting of your space and can be installed in minutes.


COVIDCUBE partitions for offices and schools are made from durable, lightweight acrylic and polycarbonate that are easier to sanitize than traditional upholstered office cubicles.

News from the CDC

Businesses and employers can prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19 within the workplace. Employers should respond in a way that takes into account the level of disease transmission in their communities and revise their business response plans as needed… read more.

News from OSHA

Information for workers and employers about the evolving coronavirus pandemic, including links to interim guidance and other resources for preventing exposures to, and infection with, the novel coronavirus… read more.


COVIDCUBE partitions are smartly designed to be quickly and easily assembled on site with minimal parts. Made from high quality, durable industrial materials, our products can be installed permanently or temporarily, and reconfigured easily as needed.


ANCHOROCK: “The ​COVIDCUBETM product is rock solid and I highly recommend it to any executive or professional in need of a remote office, workspace or partition. The easy to assemble fabricated system was also nice.” read more

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